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My Custom Iguana Cage

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This is my red iguana Hercules. My girlfriend and I designed and built this cage to meet the needs of a medium to large sized iguana. It is made out of a steel frame with plywood back, bottom, and top which are all stained and sealed. The sides and the doors are plexi-glass. We installed a platform made of plywood which is covered in green outdoor carpet which is also found on the bottom. The brown outdoor carpet is wrapped around a PVC pipe. The waterfall is there due to the great idea suggested by my girlfriend to drill a hole in the back of a food dish so that it ponds on his level. The left light is a regular halogen, there is a full spectrum strip light, and a mega-ray bulb on the left. Thanks to mega-ray for building the greatest reptile bulb, and also to T and K welding services for creating the frame.

Publicerad av reptinet 2011-06-02 22:08:48